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Get to know the artists exhibited at the gallery with this small interviews!

Zuhra Hilal (b. 1989 in Kabul) lives and works in Copenhagen. She is educated in fashion design at Akademie JAK in Hamburg. Through installations, performances, videos, and poster art she challenges the perception of women and their sexuality in society.

Romily Alice Walden’s work is concerned with physicality and its interplay with other social categorisations and power differentials. At the core of her practice is an interrogation of contemporary embodiment and its relation to the Post-Internet age. Her work questions modern western society’s relationship with looking, being looked at, gendered hierarchies, pleasure and the body.

Her work has being published by magazines such as Juxtapoz Magazine, Bullett Magazine just to name a few.

Have a look what she’s sharing with us in this interview!
portrait by Devin O’Brien


Megan J Archer is a Berlin based painter, illustrator and collage artist from Wellington, New Zealand.
Her work is concerned with the representation of flesh. The visceral corporeality of it fascinates her to the point of persistently representing it through her work, in hope that the viewer will be gripped by it in the same way.
The series being shown at Mō Gallery explores notions of identity and the way we express sexual intimacy in the technology-driven age of the internet. She is now solely using traditional oil painting techniques to combine her previous practices of painting and digitally-modified collage. The end result shows evidence of every step of the process, from the original collage and digital manipulation, to the final unifying physicality of the painted surface.

Find out more about her with this intervew, enjoy!

Blending the world of fashion and art, Enrico Nagel’s ‘Paradise Garden’ series features some peculiar beheaded beauties. Transforming editorials by swapping seductive pouts with sensual flowers, the German artist creates captivating surreal portraits.

Nagel uses collage techniques with glossy magazine spreads to fabricate his eerie and hauntingly beautiful images. His experimental portraits seek to question the idealised nature and stylised beauty that correspond to the fashion industry. The controversial topic of air-brushing and post-production editing continues to loom in the magazine business.
The works from his series ‘Paradise Garden’ (2018) which were specifically created for MŌ Gallery are a hybrid between ‘Secret Garden’ (2012) and ‘Au Paradis des Couleurs’ (2014).

Enrico Nagel (b. 1987 in Berlin), is an autodidact collage artist and illustrator based in Paris.

Get to know hand poked tattoo artist Rozita_ttoo who has part of our last event. More about her on instagram @rozita_ttoo

Interview with musician Nathan Bontrager who impressed us with his experimental solo set last Saturday!

Get to know Elizaveta from brsg keramiks. More www.brsg-keramik.com

Rina Namiki on MŌ Interview no. 6. More about her: www.rinanamiki.com

Get to know Ben Meyer with this interview. More about his work: www.saatchiart.com/benm

Interview with Esther Birch, more of her work: www.estherbirch.com

Our second interview with Daniela Torres exhibiting as part of the “BOUTIQUE Exhibition” on 11.11.2017. More about her www.danielatorres.net

Our first interview with Maya Art exhibiting as part of the “BOUTIQUE Exhibition” on 11.11.2017. More about her www.mayaart.co.uk

Interview with Liam Hardman founder and designer of Hardman Design & Build. More about his company: www.hardmandesign.build

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