Artist: Rina Namiki

Rina Namiki is a pop art illustrator who aims to translate her feelings as an artist and as a woman into her artwork. Her work derives from an interest of the complexity of feelings, but she is in particular examining the feeling of love; that be the love for a partner, for a friend, for an animal or the love for oneself. A range of the feelings that love can generate are expressed in Namiki’s pop art illustrations, where the satirical genre at times can perform as a contrast to the cryptic or even darker sides of love. Moreover Namiki expresses the eclectic life of a young woman, including backstage situations such as toilet visits, sexual exploration and the female gaze on the male body. These private topics and disregarded actions, which are part of life for the majority of human beings, are being reframed in Namiki’s artwork, and through the naive expression of the pop art style they emerge as more relatable and may be perceived with a higher level of tolerance.
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-Untitled- Handmade Illustration Acrylic on Fine art paper 50x40 Framed work

-Otoko- Offset Print 30x20cm Framed work

-INU ATAMA- Offset Print 30x20cm Framed work

-Blue- Offset Print 30x20cm Framed work

-Who they Are- Offset print 50x40 Framed work

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